Custom manufacturing

Custom manufacturing

Lots of people make shopfittings. We make a difference

At O.M.A. Shopfittings, we recognise that creating a completely new retail space can be daunting. If a pre-fabricated system is not what a client has in mind, we work hard to ensure the custom design process is as stress free as possible. Our ability to design in house often opens up opportunities with new clients who require tailored solutions that are brand specific and unique to them.

The O.M.A. Shopfittings team can meet with a client and guide them through the design process - from concept sketches to CAD drawings and material specifications. Client consultation during each stage of the design process means greater flexibility to meet changing requirements, or to suit various store layouts.

Custom manufacturing

Once the concept design is signed off, O.M.A. Shopfittings can build a prototype for client approval before committing to full manufacturing.

O.M.A. Shopfittings is equivalent to going direct to a designer and manufacturer in one. We deliver a customised approach to every new client brief, at the end of the day it means a more impressive result.

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