Global sourcing and logistics

O.M.A. Shopfitting’s alignment with world-class international design and manufacturing companies ensures that our Australian clients always have access to the most cutting edge products available.

Our global sourcing network has many advantages:

This international alliance also has advantages when it comes to production and cost effective manufacturing. Our design team works with our clients to come up with a perfect solution to their brief. The prototype can then be manufactured in our Victorian facility for the client to approve followed by small trial production runs if required.

The design and approved sample can then be sent offshore where large-scale production efficiencies keep manufacturing costs at a minimum whilst ensuring that design and quality are in no way compromised.

The completed job can then be shipped anywhere into Australia. At O.M.A. Shopfittings we are not bound to our own manufacturing facility. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with multiple options, delivering the best result, on time and on budget.

We’re committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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