We’re proud of our innovative mannequin business. Our expert team specialises in customisation and repair, while we also carry a large range of mannequins for hire.

SALES: International Display Works (IDW) mannequin designs are constantly updated, with contemporary poses and configurations. All mannequins are 100% recyclable and finished with water-based paints, machine-made and easy to assemble and reconfigure, IDW mannequins enable complete customisation.

HIRE: We carry a large range of mannequins for hire. The benefits of mannequin hire include;

REPAIR: We can repair or replace all mannequin body parts and can colour-match to existing mannequins. We have a fast turnaround and all of our workmanship is guaranteed. We constantly strive for sustainable solutions in the manufacture and supply of our products. We love to repair and refurbish mannequins to extend their lifespan, saving our customers money and reducing landfill.

CUSTOMISATION: We frequently create unique mannequins for artists, exhibitors, designers and retailers and can customise a mannequin to suit your retail requirements. We help businesses of all sizes to stay at the forefront of visual merchandising. By designing their own mannequin range, our clients can ensure that their merchandise will really stand out exactly the way they want, generating customer attention and differentiating from their competition.

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